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Tstv Africa A Step to Actualizing it Goal, Must read by Oliseyenum

Tstv Africa A Step to Actualizing it Goal, Must read by Oliseyenum


I want to firstly welcome all my subscribers and readers back or should i say i welcome myself back for long i haven't posted any stuff here on my blog as usual, that is due to some important reasons. but am back and what a best time to return with so many in the basket but i will focus only on Tstv, most of my clients have being so surprised about me not saying anything about Tstv on my page for long well i was observing never wanted to give information about something i wasn't so sure off not until i confirm.

For those that do not know about the latest Gist, which is Tstv let me sum it up for you, copied from their site. "TStv Africa is a wholly owned Nigerian innovative Pay TV Operator, The smart decoder has unique and exciting features that include the Pay-Per-view (PPV), Pause Subscription that enables the subscribers manage their subscriptions, the PVR function that enables subscribers to record and replay their favorite programs at their convenience, the Wi Fi feature for easy internet connectivity and Video call facility that enables subscribers to stay connected with family and loved ones online real time irrespective of distance.
Furthermore, the complementary internet data is a value added service (VAS) that comes with subscription to enable subscribers surf the internet anytime, anywhere at no extra cost. It could be used by an individual or group of individuals as the smart decoder serves as a router for a maximum of 15 users.
With refined offerings of novel Pay As You View (PAYV) subscription, pause subscription, complimentary internet service, Video call and an array of amazing TV channels with premium entertainment, informative and educative programs that cut across all genres: News, Music, Religious, Sports, Health, Kids, Fashion and Lifestyle channels that better define the uniqueness of our diverse cultures and traditional values as a people in a single affordable bouquet."

They promised to start in July but postponed to october 1st on which they launched their service but not functional yet, then November 1st and today is November 1st and they have postponed it indefinitely, when are they going to start commercial sales of their decoders?

Here is my take: I don't know when but be rest assured it will commence very soon why? Before October 1st i was wondering how they are going to start operation without a signal of their own at the then proposed satellite Abs @3West i was watching them in 3D, well they later said they were carrying out dealers accreditation which was responsible for the delay, to tell you the truth i knew it wasn't due to the accreditation at least let us see a test transmission before we can believe i remember telling some of my colleagues that they were buying time just to work on their service and using dealership accreditation as a cover up. But with all this are they really ready for business? Yes they are.
I am glad to inform you that their test transmission is now live with 30 channels and more to come and they are currently free to air, you can watch them with any free to air decoder, here are the channel list as at the time of writing this post
Mbc2, Mbc max, Mba Action, Aljazeera, Cgtn, Ewtn, Rave tv,  Bbc News, Liberty tv, Channels tv, Enca, Tvc Entertainment, Ftv Asia, Dunamis, Sunnah tv, Tbn, Emmanuel tv, Dubai one, Dish Tv, Bringht Fm, Ahtv, Hits Tv, Riwendu tv, Mama Africa, Grande Movies, Mama Yoruba, Grande sport (beinsport), Grande sport2 (beinsport) France 24, Mama Africa Hausa. more to still come.

They are now live on air so we now know they are not scam, the decoders are not yet out on sale for now because its a test transmission, they gave out free to air decoders to people to actually test but if you have any free to air decoder you can test it on your own, all the channels are currently free to air, i watched EPL and seria A last weekend and Tuesday champions league live and free all through tstv, with music and movie channels it has being the bomb and their picture quality both HD and SD are very good and clear, they wont start nationwide sale until they have stability on their signal, currently their signal quality is low and many channels are yet to be included after working on it and they have stability they will commence sale and at that time you can only now have access to their channels only via their decoders. and their subscription is ridiculously low for the kind of programs they are offering, its just too good to be true but its true.

Here are the pictures i took Yesterday with my strong decoder 4955





This part are for installers if you are one good and fine if you are not you can get one to track it for you.
What you need is a Dish preferably 90cm, any FTA Hd decoder like Strong, qsat, and co, Ku band lnb and tv to watch.
Frequencies: 11088 H 30000
                     11052 H 30000
Position: Abs @ 3West
Use this Tp for Easy tracking 11168H30000 then you blind scan or input the above listed frequencies to get their channels which is free to air anybody can watch it.

I remember posting on my Facebook timeline, why wasting your time on sport24 that requires bigger dish and special decoders which isn't even stable where by at least for now Tstv is offering more with less stress. Enjoy the free test Channels while they last, Note anytime the channels are scrambled their decoders would be out so don't panic it is so cheap that i could buy 5pcs at once for the price of one for the kind of content they will be offering.

Dont let anybody deceive you in to paying anything for now because their decoders are not yet on sale you can test with any hd decoder you have.

I will advice those wailing wailers to stop because for now atleast you can enjoy their programs for we the sport lovers we can enjoy our sports and lots more, why then are we wailing, Tstv is working to serve their customers well and we will support them till the End. Stay tuned for more update about them  Tstv are a Step closer to actualizing their Target.

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Olise Omodi

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What next? as MYTV discontinues support for Non-Mytv Decoders

What next? as MYTV discontinues support for Non-Mytv Decoders

Mytv has discontinued support for Non-Mytv Receivers that were able to view the free to view channels which are encrypted but yet free to view for any paired compatible strong decoders to a particular FTV card or mytv card. For a year+ now for those that were able to pair ether the FTV card or mytv card to any HD strong decoder were able to receive some of mytv channels as free to air channels like, Ait, Silverbird, Channels, Galaxy, Rave Tv, Kbs World, Wap tv, Wazobia tv, nolly Afica(24hrs Movies) etc. For over a year many has been enjoying these package on their strong decoders provided that it has been paired to a mytv or FTV card. But Now things are set to take a new leave has mytv discontinues support for non mytv receivers, for clarity mytv decoders are also made by strong technologies but they have some particular models dedicated to them hence they have a separate function like 4940, 4935, 4675, 4915, 4672. For as many that do not have any of these decoders then you wont be able to view those listed channels above as free to air. For those with the decoders above with paired mytv smart card with or without subscription you can still enjoy all of those channels as free to air.
But for we that don’t have any of the listed decoders above but we have been enjoying those channels as fta what is the way forward?

Before I move further, for any of those mytv strong decoders many functions are disabled you cannot customize it, you can’t load third-party software in other words you can’t have access to functions like biss, iptv, powervu, etc. for we that have other models like 4922, 4950, 4955, etc or any Hd IKs decoders there is a way. You can actually unscramble those channels listed above and more with a protocol called CCcam. With this protocol you can have access to those channels and even more on that same position as mytv.
Mytv is positioned at Eutelsat 16east and on that same position another package Tvsat is also positioned on that same satellite and all their packages are also scrambled but with this protocol CCcam you can have access to these TVsat package and Mytv Package on a third-party decoder and still enjoy same content just as their decoders are enjoying for a cheaper price.
these are some list of channels on tvsat package
TF 1
France 2
France 3 
France 5
France Ô
AB 3
AB Moteurs
AB 1
Toute l'Histoire
Science & Vie TV
Action (France)
Nickelodeon Junior France
Crime District
Fox Sports Africa
Trace Africa
Novelas TV
Gospel Music TV

For those interested in getting these package running you can contact me via the contact form below and I will send you details.

Your Name :

Your Email: (required)

Your Message: (required)

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Olise Omodi

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Tracking AFN from all available positions and how to watch

Tracking AFN from all available positions and how to watch

afn frequencies

The American Forces Network (AFN) is the broadcast service operated by the United States Armed Forces' American Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS) for its entertainment and command internal information networks worldwide. The AFN worldwide radio and television broadcast network serves American servicemen and women, Department of Defense and other U.S. government civilians and their families stationed at bases overseas, as well as U.S. Navy ships at sea. AFN broadcasts popular American radio and television programs from the major U.S. networks. Source: wikipedia

What are the channels to receive?

1.  Afn Sports
2. Afn Sports2
3. Afn Prime Pacific
4. Afn Prime Atlantic
5. Afn Family
6. Afn  Movie
7. Afn News
8. Afn Spectrum

What programs are been aired on this package?

well it has varieties of programs Afn sports airs live champions league matches Tuesdays and Wednesdays, including live basketball match. (NBA) they also air WWE RAW for wrestling lovers... and they are currently airing the CONCACAF Gold Cup tournament live. Prime Atlantic also airs live baseball matches.
Have you also wondered where to watch the ongoing Wimbledon tennis championship 2017 then Afn Sports is there to serve you that need all  live, Enjoy block buster series on AFN family and Spectrum, enjoy series like supernatural, law and order, vampires diaries, the Doctors, etc. all exclusive on this package. Also enjoy complete movies on AFN Movies.

How can i receive these channels?

You can receive these channels on the following positions
Eutelsat 9°E -11804 V 27500
Thor 0.8°W -4175 R 28000
Intelsat 64.2°E -4093 L 3680 
Eutelsat 9°E -11804 V 27500: You need a minimum of 1m dish for a good result for these satellite its on ku band, although many regions in Africa find this satellite very difficult to track so you can try the other alternatives. Thor 0.8°W 4175 R 28000 Intelsat 64.2°E -4093 L 3680 for Thor 0.8west you need a minimum of 1.8m dish and a c band lnb and the tracking Tp is 4175 H 28000 R stands for H and L for V note when tracking this particular satellite you don't need the dielectric plate inside the cband lnb its brodcasted as circular but in the real sense its linear so you don't need the plate inside the cband to receive these signal. For intelsat 64.2 you also need 1.8m to track with tp 4093 V 3680 you need to insert the plate when tracking this one.
For all the above channels they are all PowerVU encrypted which means, you need a powerVU decoder to be able to access these channels... i suggest you get an autoroll powervu decoder to be able to autoroll the keys anytime it changes ranging from Strong, qsat, tiger, Gsky, Alphabox, etc. 

Note on intelsat 34west you can also recieve AFN but you get only three of there channels there and with poor picture and audio which doesn't give that feeling of HD so tracking any of the above give you access to all channels not just all but quality picture and sound output.

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Olise Omodi

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Get Tracking details for most betting sites For Nigeria and its Environ....

Get Tracking details for most betting sites For Nigeria and its Environ....

Nowadays we keep seeing so many sport betting sites springing up day by day sport betting business is one of the fastest growing business, many people are making millions just from it.
\And for so many of them they have added a TV station in other to get going especially playing their Virtual football league. instead of spending and wasting so much data on the internet streaming the victuals live you could actually watch them on TV extremely free.....
I will be listing some of them that i know and you could as well drop some if you have any


One of the most famous betting site in Nigeria to track bet9ja you need
A minimum of 60cm dish
A Ku band lnb
FTA Mpeg4 Decoder and here are the tracking details
Ses 5 at 5.0east
Also on  Eutelsat 7A at 7East you can get Bet9ja with Tp 10887H30000 and on same Tp you can also receive 1960 Bet.


Betin is a Kenyan betting platform and for tracking you need
A minimum of 60cm dish
A Ku band lnb
FTA Mpeg4 Decoder and here are the tracking details
Ses 5 at 5.0east
Or you traack Betin with this other Tp
Ses 5 at 5.0east


Its actually the first betting site to be be fully owned by a Nigerian here are it details
A minimum of 60cm dish
A Ku band lnb
FTA Mpeg4 Decoder and here are the tracking details
Express AM8 at 14.0 west
On same Tp above you could still get
EbonyBet and Edwin Bet

More to still roll out

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Olise Omodi

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Who haven't heard of Nigeria's  NigComSat 1R at 42.5°E with best local contents

Who haven't heard of Nigeria's NigComSat 1R at 42.5°E with best local contents

For those that are still new to this tag  (NigComSat 1R) Nigeria Communication Satellite is really missing for the fact that it is free to air and serves just Local contents is truly worth the credit for atleast bringing up the idea.. although it is still work in progress.


On December 15, 2004, Nigeria's National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) and CGWIC signed the NigcomSat-1 communications satellite in-orbit delivery contract in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria.

On May 14, 2007, NigComSat-1 was successfully launched from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center (XSLC) aboard an enhanced LM-3B (LM-3B/E) launch vehicle. On July 6, 2007, CGWIC delivered the NigComSat-1 satellite in orbit to Nigerian CommunicationS Satellite Ltd. (NigComSat Ltd.), along with a tracking station in Kashi of China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and one fully operational ground station in Abuja, Nigeria. A 15-year operational support service and a comprehensive training program have also been provided as part of the contract. NigComSat-1 was China's first commercial in-orbit delivery telecommunications satellite.

On November 11, 2008, NigComSat-1 failed in orbit after running out of power due to solar array anomaly.

On March 24, 2009, the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, NigComSat Ltd. and CGWIC sighed the NigcomSat-1R satellite in-orbit delivery contract. NigComSat-1R is also a DFH-4 satellite.

The NigcomSat-1 is equipped with 28 transponders on board in four (4) frequency bands ( 8 Ka-band, 14 Ku-band, 4C-band and 2 L-band) . In order to satisfy the complicated coverage area requirements, the satellite is fitted with a total of seven shaped communication antennae. With a lift-off mass of 5,086kg, the NigcomSat-1 satellite will be positioned at 42.5 degrees east longitude over the equator, with an end-of-life power of over 8KW, and a design orbit life span of 15 years.

After many tries The satellite is now fully in space and working.. there were calls some time ago fo0r the Nigerian Govt to sell this satellite but today the satellite has been properly utilized, for the little itches we have been facing will soon be a bygone issue...according to vanguard Nigcomsat was included in the 2017 budget for a better service upgrade which will soon come in place.


Many of Nigeria and Ghanian channels are been received here e.g Silverbird, trybe, Ice tv, Thunder tv, Kiss Tv, Tvc news and Entertainment, Music, wazobia max and Wazobia, Televista....e.t.c For now you get at least about 60 free to air channels and more are still to come. you enjoy every type and kind of entertainment movies, musics, news, etc, it is also believed that some sport channels shall be added subsequently.

How can i receive these channels?

You need a minimum of 60cm dish and any Hd free to air boxes like strong, qsat, alphabox, freesat, tiger, etc. It is at 42.5 east very close to dstv at 36east with tp. 12518H29500 and 12627H29500 

How to track?

Its very easy to track, earlier before now the channels do come and go , signals are not steady but for many days now its been stable and all my tracking of it has been in point and make it easier
Track DSTV at 36 east and adjust till you get the best %, your focus should be on the lnb tweaking make sure at DSTV position you adjust your lnb to the best signal level you can get then input the frequency of Nigcomsat 12518 H 29500 and then bring down the dish a little and move the dish to your left from behind  and you should hit the bird as simple as that. Do not adjust the lnb after you nail dstv i noticed they are same lnb position with dstv because slight change from the lnb setting might waste your time unnecessarily... after nailing the satellite you keep searching regularly to keep getting the channels as they keep rolling out.

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Olise Omodi

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Get Updated Frequencies and positions for various satellite tv for Africa

Get Updated Frequencies and positions for various satellite tv for Africa

satellite frequencies

A needed reference for every installer, it is of great importance that as satellite tv installers we get to have the list of transponders for various satellites receivable in our region, listed  below are some list of satellites together with their frequencies.
Here are the list of different satellites and their tracking frequencies….

MEASAT 91.5°East Cband

4164H 20640

THAICOM 78.5°East

3600H 26667 Cband
3520H 28125 For Mcot(Biss) Cband

APSTAR 76.5°East

3920H 28340 axn(PowerVU) Cband
3720H 29620 syfy(PowerVU) Cband
3880H 30000 disney(PowerVU) Cband
3793H 4444 ch.9.(biss) Cband

ABS-2. 75°East 

3822 V 2399 Startv Cband
3994 H 2334 Tv E Cband
11500 V 2198 Lesotho Ku Band
11595V 30000 ting Ku Band
11665V 45000 continental Ku Band

INTELSAT22. 72.1°East

3742V 13930 kbc1 Cband
3724V 16073 ktn Cband

EUTELSAT70B. 70.5°East

11057V 30000 barmedas Ku Band

INTELSAT20. 68.5°East

3978 V 19850 discovery (PowerVu) CBAND
3974 H 19500 hbo(PowerVU) CBAND
4064 H 19850 aljazera(PowerVu) CBAND
3900 V 22222 sony(PowerVu) CBAND
12722 V 26657 KU BAND
Southern Africa
10970 H 30000 dstv KU BAND
12723V 26673 dstv KU BAND

INTELSAT17. 66°East

3845 H 30000 sony (PowerVu) CBAND
11488H 3333 trenet KU BAND

INTELSAT906. 64.2°East

3643H 8545 itv Cband
3891V 3072 tbc Cband
4094V 3680 afn(PowerVU) Cband
4067V 1329 ch10 Cband
4070V 1613 Iman Cband
3776H 1438 ubc Cband

INTELSAT902. 62°East

3860V 3100 citizen Cband
3814V 4213 ntv Cband

Intelsat-904 @ 60 East

3729 H 1666 (channels tv)
3744 H 18315

NSS12. 57°East

3633 H 2625 Cband (tele Chad)
4055H 26000 voa Cband
4136 H 15580 sports 24(PowerVU) Cband
11004 V 1774 Duhok tv Ku Band

YAMAL402. 54.9° East

11008V 5000

BELARUS 51.5°East

3877V 6420 kwese sports(biss)

 Yahsat 1A @52.5°E Ku

11938 H 27500
11747 H 27500

AzerSpace @42 East

11175 H 27500

PAKSAT1R. 38°East

4004V 15550 ptv sports(biss) Cband
4054V 7000 ptv national

EUTELSAT36. 36°East Ku Band

12245H 27500 dstv

Arabsat 30.5 East Cband

12732 V 2590

ASTRA2F. 28.2°East Ku Band

12525 V 30000
11596 V 30000
11094 H 30000

Badrsat 26 East

12303 H 27500
12284 V 27500

ARABSAT5C. 20°East Cband

3934V 27500
4055V 27500
3884H 27500


10804V 30000 
12562 H 30000 

Hot bird @ 13 degree East

11034 V 27500
11747 H 27500
12437 H 29900


3701V 1667 rwanda CBAND
4039H 2222 togo tv CBAND
3725H 1605 ST kenya CBAND
3737H 7305 wap tv CBAND
3759H 7606 Tv iman CBAND
11676H 11153 zimbo KU BAND
11429V 30000 KU BAND

Eutelsat 9B @9 East

11938 H 27500
11766 V 27500
11804 V 27500


12728V 30000
11356H 45000

SES5. 5°e KU

11727H 27500 zuku
12380H 27500 startimes


3667H 1547 clouds tv CBAND
11049V 17055 animal ch.KU BAND
11482V 45000 gyan tv KU BAND

RASCOM1R. 2.8°e C

3986H 13557 congo

INTELSAT10-02. 1°w C

3977V 17777 Namibia
4175H 28000 Afn(PowerVu)

ABS -3A 3°w KU

11051 H 30000 i24 news
11088 H 30000 sky vsion
11037 V 4430 etv (tandberg)


3727H 29950

NILESAT201. 7°w KU

11474 V 27500
11570 V 27500
11938V 27500 mbc
11785V 27500 dubai one


11471V 27500 mbc pro
11554V 27500 gulf


3662H 10808 urusi

INTELSAT901. 18°w C

4026H 9036 ghana tv

SES4. 22°w KU

11670V 30000 canal
12530V 30000 canal
12673H 20250 entv(biss).

Intelsat 903 @ 34.5 degree west C band

3777 V 3777
4094 H 16608

Intelsat 707 @ 53 degree west C band

3820 H 3255
3856 H 3906
Note: the above frequencies are for reference purpose, i didn't give full direction for inclination, azimuth and the rest to get that i recommend you visit lyngsat..... but these frequencies are to be stored somewhere so we dont go looking for tp's every time we want to carry out any installation... it is also advisable that you blind scan every time you track any satellite in other to receive the full package receivable at your end..

do use the comment box to ask question if you are not clear, and you can use our contact form box as well which is full responsive now.
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Olise Omodi

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All Available positions to track kwese free sport ku band and cband

All Available positions to track kwese free sport ku band and cband


Kwese sport has been a huge blessing to sport lovers...though you don't get to watch all EPL matches on t but you are sure gong to enjoy some of its services.. through out this week we were able to watch the copa del ray live on kwese sport... i didn't write about t until i confirmed it myself. kwese has a full HD display that makes watching of games on their channel exiting. they also do air One epl every week and also NBA games, and other sports to join soon.

How to track?

You can track kwese sport on these positions:
1. intelsat20 @68.5east ku band
symbol rate:16170
encryption biss:F8 D1 08 D1 17 AB C8 8A 

2. bilinterasat @51.5 east cband
symbol rate:6420
encryption biss:F2 A1 08 9B 16 AF C1 86 and CW: F2 A2 08 9C 16 AF C2 87

3. eutelsat 7A @ 7east
symbol rate:30000
encryption: free

4. Eutelsat 10east
symbol rate:7706
encryption: CW: F8 D1 08 D1 17 AB C8 8A

5. Belintersat 1@51east (kwese stream)
symbol rate:6420
encryption biss: F8 D1 08 D1 17 CB A9 8B

6. Intelsat 22@ 72.1east
symbol rate:13930

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Olise Omodi

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Download PowerVU Autoroll Software for Qsat Q23G,Q26G and Q28G AlSO other Models

Download PowerVU Autoroll Software for Qsat Q23G,Q26G and Q28G AlSO other Models

Here is a software for qsat Models...HDsport 24 has really made so many decoder developers to up their game, and at same time we the end users too must up our game and be careful of the kind of decoders we buy... so many decoders are out there, my advi9ce is we should not rush into getting any kind of decoders all because of powervu auto roll software, my advice is patience....

For qsat so far only three models Namely Q23G, Q26G and Q28G, these are the official supported decoders... download these patch and load to the specified decoder and you are sure your decoder now has a fully supported autoroll function for powervu.


But for other Qsat models that are not listed here, there is a solution for you.....the question is how can we load this patch considering the fact that it is not any of q23g, q26g, or q28g...
here is what we do... Firstly you need to .locate a very good technicians around you.. if you are using any of the old models of qsat, all you need do is to find the IC for either q23g or q26g  and exchange it with yours.
For instance if you have q13g, you can get an Ic for q26G or Q23G and change it with the IC of your Q13G... After Successful change should now load the patch of the Ic model you exchanged either Q23g if you used q23G Ic or Q26g if you made use of q26G ic... and your decoder will be up and running as auto-roll just like the original series of q23, 26 and 28G respectively.

Note: you need to be very careful while doing this so i recommend you locate a good technician that knows about it....i will try to give a comprehensive note on how to do it...

No need changing the Ic's you can download for other autoroll supported models below

ALL Decoders lst and provided above are fully auto roll

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Olise Omodi

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Strong decoders with autoroll powerVU function and their latest softwares....

Strong decoders with autoroll powerVU function and their latest softwares....

strong auto roll decoders

Get the latest version of most strong decoders that supports powervu... not just manual inputs but they have the ability to autoroll powervu channels.... and i must commend their autoroll abilities.....

Note: most of the strong decoders models with auto roll function are mostly the 495 Series... so many had 4922 but from the look of things the chip on 4922 is making it difficult to be a fully auto roll decoder.. 

Listed below are the supported models of strong that i have tested with their latest versions of software to fully turn your decoder to auto roll.

1. The no 1 on my list is 4950. this was the first ever strong decoder that supported auto roll.... all brands of 4950 is compatible be it..4950M, 4950H and 4950E... if you have any of the 4950 series decoder just download the right software for your model, load it to your decoder and it will begin to auto roll powervu channels like hd sport24.
Download Links
strong decoder 4950



2. The second on my list is 4955, many people knows little about this decoder,  its just like a clone of 4950 series.. it also supports auto roll for powervu channels i tested this decoder my self and it worked fine... the inbuilt iptv is very stable once you activate the account.
Download Link:

strong decoder 4955
3. The third is 4953 this is one of the smallish decoders from strong but its not by its size so far its more useful than 4922.. it also supports powervu auto roll 
Download link:

strong decoder 4953
4. The fourth on my list is 4957 this product also have a powerful IPTV apps and it supports auto roll for powervu channels 
Download link:
strong decoder 4957

Note all the files are in rar format so un rar it and extract the .bin file in side of it and copy to your flash drive or any readable and writable drive and load to the corresponding decoder.

The above listed decoders are fully auto roll with the latest patches... you dont need any softcam whatsoever to make it auto roll just connect to the decoder leave for some times and it should open the powerVu channels....
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Olise Omodi

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General Update on Satellite Tv Channels and Packages......

General Update on Satellite Tv Channels and Packages......

satellite update
Its been a while i posted.... you must agree so many work to do and considering the fact that most updates always rolls out on satellite forums on facebook and whatsapp it limited some of our updates including too much of activities to do... well i will be giving some general  update on the latest informations i have been able to lay my hands on about satellite tv over the days and weeks.


For movies lover you can now receive mbc channels @Badrsat 26east with a minimum of 60cm dish all for free.. you would get same packages as that of nilesat @7west (mbc1, 2, 3, 4, max, action and bollywood).
How to scan?
Like i earlier mentioned the minimmum dish size is 60cm, located @ badrsat 26degree east, its on ku band and very close to multi tv... to track use 12303H27500 when you get like 75% and above then blindscan or input the tp for mbc 12265H27500 and search.
Note: You can actually track both multi tv @28.2east and badrsat @26east together on a single dish and lnb.....How to archieve this firstly track multi tv using 12522v30000 @28 east get above 80% then input this tp for badrsat @ 26 east 12303H27500 then raise your dish up a little monitoring your signal meter if you dont get any signal do this.... direct the dish back to multi tv archieve like 82% or above on 12522V30000 tight the elevation now from behind the dish move the dish i.e (azimuth) to the right untill you signal drops to 75% now input the tp for badrsat 12303H27500 and raise the elevation a little you should get it... try to use yor own discretion to balance your multi tv and badrsat @ 70% each also dont forget the lnb screewing too.OR you can attact a seperate LNB to get both differently.


Well this shouldnt be the first time you are hearing of kwese sport. Kwese sport airs live Epl on saturday just one game and also some other sporting events which would soon be unfolded... the usuall position is @ binterest sat @ 51.5 east.
How to scan?
Minimum dish size is 60/90cm depending on your location, you track Eutelsat 7A @7east using 12728H/V30000 after getting the signal you can now input that of kwese sport which is 10722V/H30000 note you wont see the name of the channel as kwese but service101.... just like when thesame kwese was receiveable @ yamal 54.9east it later went off, there are no guarantee how long this will last but you can get the channells directly on their official sat which is Belintersat @51.5east. Its on Cband with frequency 3877 L 6420 you need to insert the dielectric plate while scanning.... 1.8m dish recommended. it is encrypted with biss.
here is the keys Kwese free sports : F8 D1 08 D1 17 AB C8 8A,  Kwese Stream : F8 D1 08 D1 17 CB A9 8B.

Mcot shows Epl, Uefa champions league both Tuesday and wednessday, carling cups and Fa cups and movies as well.
How to scan:
Recommended dish size is 2.4m or 1.8m depending on your location 1.8m works for far northern part of Nigeria but with low signal quality..
its on Cband, with tracking frequency 3520 H 28125 here you dont need the dielectric plate.... infact if you have like 3m dish you can combine it with sony @68.5 east and sport 24 @ 57east. It is encrypted with Biss Key: 35 79 00 AE 00 00 00 00. Use Sid: 0010.


This is one copetition that every one wants to watch but finds it difficult to get well you can now watch your copa del ray for free on MAIWAND TV @ yahsat 52.5east its on ku band with frequency 12015 H 27500. but it requires large dish like 3m but depending on your region for some african countries 90cm can even track it.. so do check your EIRP values to know recomended dish size for your region.


As we all know you can receive sport24 on various directions but that of 57 east changed their frequency to 4136 R/H 13000... to learn more on this package read here andalso do remember so far so good only Auto roll decoders can comfortably open sporthd 24.

Champions tv has resumed transmission @ yamal54.9east on same tp 11007 V 05000

Some channels are currently free to air @Intelsat 17@ 66 degree East C band with frequency 3932 H 18330, the channels include:
India Now, News 24/7, ABN India, T News,  Music, HBN, Maha Mazza, PeppersTV and Green TV.


11861 H 27500
CW: BE 59 57 6E B2 53 05 0A 81 CF 34 84 0B 3D 2C 74

Nickelodeon HD
CW: 36 F7 B1 DE B4 AE BA 1C 08 D9 F7 D8 DB 7E 64 BD

CW: 23 0D BC EC 7E AA AB D3 EE 07 18 0D 1D EE 28 33

Kabel eins HD
CW: D9 DB 6B 1F 5B 06 84 E5 DB 4A 5F 84 00 AA 71 1B

CW: 2C 5F 10 9B A2 AA 3B 87 48 6C 91 45 AB F5 FB 9B

CW: F4 E5 10 E9 1C 9F 01 BC E4 FC 9F 7F 82 A7 AA D3

12015 H 27500
Viva/Comedy Central HD
CW: 5F D9 42 7A EC BB 74 1B 02 F1 EB DE 56 17 75 E2

Sixx HD
CW: 65 1D 11 93 7A 95 8E 9D E5 F0 A8 7D 25 CC A0 91

Deluxe Music HD
CW: FD 78 3B B0 F0 C9 81 3A 2D FA FA 21 00 04 7B 7F

CW: 99 40 C3 9C EB 72 EC 49 AC 2B 72 49 98 46 5C 3A

11785 H 27500

ProSieben MAXX HD
CW: D1 54 24 49 1C 35 F3 44 35 9B CE 9E EF A6 72 07

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