10 Apr 2015

how to Download APK files directly from google play to pc

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being able to download android apps directly to your pc is one joy to every android users because, you can easily share and have the app at your disposal at any time. I am going to show you how to download android apps directly from Google play store to your pc. two web browsers has been tested and approved, using either firefox or google chrome. why is it better  to download from google play? it is important
and better to download directly from google play because the apps from google play store are legally verified and updated. without wasting much of your time let me give you the guide.

how can i download from play store to my pc?

>> you have to download apk downloader for firefox here and for chrome here
run and install the apk downloader on your browser,its an add-ons.
once downloaded, go to play.google.com search for any app you want to download you should see something like this

now click on the download you will be redirected to a page with this window,
a window  asking for device id and email. note you are to use the email and password you are using for your phone play store, you would also need to supply your device id to get you device id download this app...here or dial *#*#8255#*#* it  opens Gtalk service monitor,  but if the code doesnot work for you download device id apk to your phone.
 once the above is completed you can now go to play,google.com at any time with you pc to download any apk file you want to do download on your browser.
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