2 Apr 2015


If your decoder is dead and you are trying to restore it you can do this through these two steps
1) either by using a decoder with same firmware like yours or 2) you can restore your decoder using a pc

Restoring a death decoder using another decoder of same firmware
1. Get a decoder that tally's with yours
2. Get a rs-232 cable

 and insert the usb mouth in the new decoder ,while the other head is to be pluged at the back of the death decoder. Make sure you remove the death decoder from light.
3. Using the new decoder goto menu>>>system settings>>>data transfer>>>then click on the firmware. Wait for it to load... and that is it

Restore a death decoder using your pc< font>
1. Goto this link and download  
or download from this link download srt loader and the firmware to your pc

2. Lunch the srt loader >>> click on the browse button>>> locate your software and select

3. Connect your rs-232 cable to the decoder and pc. Now press auto detect, once your decoder is dictated. Once your decoder is dictated click on download and wait for the process to complete.
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