1 Apr 2015


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Intelsat 7/10 ku 68.5e is one of the easiest sat to track and the minimum required dish size is 0.65m

 now to the tracking:  intelsat 68.5e is at the east pole, after assembling the dish and it has been mounted on the pole see picture below……..use this frequency to track  the sat 12.722v26657 this is the best frequency to use because, sometimes the polarization changes depending on the LNB which polarization can change at any time, I recommend a strong srt4669 receiver for any installer its easier for tracking any sat. . if peradventure you are in a new location and you don’t know the east position after mounting the dish move it to either to the right or to the left continuously, and as you are moving the dish raise it up---down slowly keep doing it until u hit green if it does not bring green adjust the Lnb and continue searching you will definitely nail the bird.
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