1 Apr 2015


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·         Dish connection/signal: is the dish signal ok? You need to be sure before checking the receiver so confirm if it is ok and if it is move to other problems
·         Is the wire ok? Sometimes

when a wire is bridged signal won’t come or would be shaky e.g. frequency like 12.722 on intelsat7/10. To resolve this you need to cut the bridged part and use a connector know as F-F Connector to join the wires, don’t join it directly else some frequencies won’t work.
·         Check the diseq settings if it corresponds with the diseq switch it was connected to
·         Check if the LNB power is ON Or OFF you can check this by navigating to dish settings or antenna settings in the menu list
·         Check the LNB frequency. It must be 10.750/10.600 for ku bank LNB and #. %10 for Cband LNB. To know more on ku and cband lnb’ click here
·         And finally check if you are using the right frequency, symbol rate, and polarization. You can always visit www.lyngsat.com to get updated Frequencies.
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