11 May 2015


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Due to high demands from many of my followers, i have decided to write this article on how you can watch live football matches and other sport programs including movies, news, entertainments and lots more. i will list out trusted and tested apps that can serve your demand perfectly for live sport programs live on your phone...

requirement :
you would need an Android phone which is the most needed, a strong network at least a 3G network , and a data plan or other source of internet service either wifi or any.

once you have all the requirement you will now proceed to Download the apps that would enable you to watch your favorite programs

1.  Download sybla tv app : best for movies, music news and sports  
thiis is one of the most common of all they provide varieties of programs to select ...you can also download it from play store

2. download Live sports : best for sports, entertainment and sports highlights
provides you with various sports, like football, basketball, crfickets, etc.

3. download mobdro this is one of the cheapest and stable sport tv app in terms of stability and data consumption you can download this app here

pls note all this above to mention but a few apps are all free and hence you are bound to experience different ads while watching your programs. 
you will require 40 to 70mb to watch for 1hour so you would need lot of data to enjoy it better......
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