17 Jul 2015

Free Nigerian Stations On Intelsat 904 @60E

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I am going to be brief on this, on how to track most Nigerian local stations.  after IRIB went off for some time now many people are seeing their cband lnb's as good as nothing, well here to be able to track this channels which is located atintelsat 904@ 60E you need a minimum of 2.4m dish quite large i guess.
you would also need a C-Band lnb to be able to track this sat.

you will

need to insert the di-electric plate for the cband lnb else no signal will pop up.
here is the frequency for Intelsat 904 @ 60.0° E
3700 (R) 1666 3744R18315 13750R7415 3756R2315 3759R2315 23765R5000
3768R2067 13772R3850 3775R9361
below are list of some channels you can receive on this sat some are FTA while some are premium but most Nigerian channels are FTA.

here are the list of some channels
    • Soundcity Premium
    • MITV
    • Lagos TV
    • Silverbird TV
    • Channels TV
    • Spice
    • Televista
    • OnTV
    • Soundcity TV
    • Kenyan mux
    • Kiss TV
    • K24
    • NTV
    • KBC Channel
    • FTANTV
    • Uganda
    • Swazi TV
    • ZNBC
    • ZNBC TV 1
    • ZNBC TV
    • Uganda mux
    • WBS TV
    • Bukedde TV
    • NBS TV
    • TBC
    • EBS

if you have not done this before i suggest you get a notable and qualified installer to track this for you
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