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How To Connect Qsat Decoders To The Internet to watch IPTV and others

Qsat is one of the mostly used decoder this days due to its rich features. like using CC-cam,IPTV, dongle in decrypting DS**, and lot more. But for any of this to work you must be connected to the internet and today am going to give information and guide on how to connect your Qat to the internet. connecting Qat to the internet cant be triky and kind of difficult for the first time, especially when trying to activate your avatacam code for the first time.

Qsat has different internet protocols (i.e) different options for connecting to the internet

To have access to all available internet protocols on your qsat press menu>.setting>.Ethernet Config
there are four ways of connecting to the internet on qsat decoders:
connecting your Qsat to the internet using WIFI

==>To connect Qsat to the internet using wifi you need a compatible wifi adapter attached to your qsat,

==>you need a wifi hotspot; you can make use of your phone as a wifi hotspot, you can as well use a wifi router an your pc as wifi hotspot. 

==>goto to menu>>settings>.Ethernet config>>link type>>Wifi Network>>go down one step and click on Config>>you should see your wifi hotspot >>enter your password where required and press connect. once connected you should see a message “network connection success” and that is all you are now connected via WIFI.

connecting your Qsat decoder using a 3G modem

To use a 3g modem on your Qsat,

==>you must be subscribed. i.e have a data bundle ...please note BB plans wont work, 

==>then connect your 3G modem to the usb port on your qsat, 

==>once you connect your 3g modem, there would be a display message “storage device found”.

==> goto Ethernet config>>link type>3G network>>scroll down one step and configure the rest by selecting your country>>and Operator. also tick the Auto link. 

==>after the above press the blue button to manually connect your connection, once the connection is successful you will receive a success message, else, you will receive a “No Dongle device found” note Qsat decoders always selects modems, mostly ZTE and Huawei modems are best for it. Although you can try others too.

connecting Qsat to the internet using GPRS/2G

mostly we use this for setting up internet connections to watch DS** channels. The sim slot of your qsat is at its back. 

goto Ethernet config>>link type>GPRS NETWORK>>scroll down one step and configure the rest by selecting your country>>and Operator. also tick the Auto link. 

if a sim gives you error, change it. If all sim card gives you error on qsat, it means no usable 2G network in your location, so please try using 3G network with a 3G modem. 

connecting your Qsat to the internet using LAN

connection using  lan internet on qsat is one of the simplest and easiest method.
if you are  using a standalone router, configure it and make sure its connected to the internet. (i.e there is a successful established network connection) and connect your lan cable to your Qsat. and configure your Qsat as follows

>>goto setting>>Ethernet config>.change link type to Lan internet>>then connect the other end of your lan cable to the lan port of your qsat which is at its back.
and your decoder should connect to the internet.

with the above i believe you can select any way or method you want to connect your decoder to the internet . if you have any failure or difficulties, you can table your complain
Olise Omodi
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