18 Jul 2015

Latest whatsapp trick: how To edit any message sent to you on Whatsapp

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Hi everyone, i know the title will sound odd, well its  possible to edit the message sent to you from friends, brothers, sisters, Boss, or anyone at all. this tutorial will guide you on how to do this with a simple app called whatsapp hack.

how does this work:

This app will have assess to modify any message received from your phone drive as well as the time it was received.
you can use this to trick your friends by editing the message they sent to you and claiming it was what they sent.
if peradventure someone or your BOSS  sent you a message to do a particular task at a particular time and you forgot you can simply change the time you received the message and claim you didn't see the message. quite interesting i guess?
this is just for educational purpose and not to be used for any illegal activities.
also note that when you edit such messages it will only reflect on your phone and not on the targeted victims phone but believe me without any fore knowledge of this app nobody will know if it was edited or not


Well this tutorial is for android users
your phone must be rooted to learn how to root  your phone click here
and you must be running android 2.3 and above
and you must have your brain intact *winks*
once you meet the requirement above you can now proceed to download the app

download here whatsapp hack

after downloading, ..... install the app
run the app and you will get a screen asking you to to tap here just tap the screen and you should have the list of you favorite whatapp chats.
just click on any chat you want to edit
click on the message and select either delete to remove the message or modify to edit the message and time according to your taste and click on OK to save.
Now go back to the normal whatsapp and see the magic...your edited message will be shown.
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