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Secret Codes For Most Strong Satellite Decoders

There are so many codes for various Strong decoders, codes that enables you to activate some functions on your strong decoders, for some they might not know the right password to use in enabling these functions. for instance in case of strong decoders someone might
lock your decoder and you don't know the code he/she used in locking the decoder. then this post is for you , i will give out different codes that you can use as masters code to to unlock the decoder.

These days we have so many decoders in the market with one function or the other. these days we now have CC-Cam, IPTV, Xcam and lots more:, but today am specifically going to talk about strong decoders


  • To Open Patch: dial 6969 twice

  • Open BISS key edit menu: dial 8280

  • Open Key Code edit menu: dial 8282

  • Open server edit menu: dial 8281

  • To open Hard Station(Adult movies) => goto menu Entertainment menu => then dial 9696

  • to open IPTV list. => press Ok to call up channel list => ( you need to select all) => now dial F4

  • To open Adult IPTV channels under IPTV List press OK=> dial F4 (to call IPTV List) now dial 9696. List of Adult IPTV channels will be added under IPTV List.

You can enjoy French & English movies under “Entertainment”.  

FOR SRT4950, SRT4950H & SRT4950M
  • Open patch: F1+6969 
  • Open Server Setting Menu: F1+8281 
  • Open Key Setting Menu: F1+8280
  • Press “www” key on the Remote, Press F1+9999 and “You Porn” icon will pop up. It is the same youporn that is on qsat(An Adult video
By default the normal code for any Strong Decoder is 0000, but you might change it consciously or unconsciously and forget the password. here are some codes you can try to see if it will work for you. note: its specifically for only trong grenuie decoders

|For mostly old models of Stong decoders, like, 4650, 4652, 53 etc you can try any of these codes one should work: 0235, 0325, 1361, 0735, 

Strong SRT4669: 0103

Strong SRT4663: 3010
Olise Omodi
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