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Good day to every one and a happy weekend,  Today am going to show you another version of whatapp that is very different from the usual one we know. This whatsapp has more features than the usual whatsapp you can customize the appearance of this whatsapp to suit you desire…….. Here I am going to be exploring some of its features so you can compare.
This whatsapp is known as GBwhatsapp….and it functions as the usual one no itches at all and no harm what so ever to your phone, it performs just as whatsapp and it has better customization than the usual

Features of GBWHATSAPP

·         THEMES: you can download as many themes as possible to change the skin of the app..

·         APPEARANCE: you customize the whole appearance of this whatsapp to your taste some of the options under appearance are:
Ø  Conversation screen: here you can customize the 1) Header 2) Chat 3) Translucent mode and 4) pics.
 HEADER settings you can change the  background color of the header the color of the contact name, customize it also to be bold, you can as well change the colors of last seen, online, typing,  etc. you can as well disable pic on one click, hide call icon, hide contact pic.
CHAT:  this is the main chat screen you can change the chat background color; you can adjust the message size, adjust the date size, etc there are many mode to change just explore some yourself. Another very important feature is the STATUS TOAST when you click this function; you would be able to read your friends status on the chat screen no need to check the profiles like the usual whatsapp.
PICS: here you change contact pics configuration in chat screen. You can enable the  Chat contact pic: this shows contact pics on every message participant pic: shows group participant pics on every message Chat my pic: shows my pic on every group message and lastly you can adjust the size of the pics.

There are so many things i cant really list out you need to have a feel of it yourself. you can always keep yourself get notify when ever any of your friends is online without even being in whatsapp, when you minimize you get notified when they are online or when they change their status. there are many more functions JUST PLAY AROUND WITH IT

Were can i download this whatsapp?

Olise Omodi
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