22 Dec 2015

Magical IP for Etisalat users...Surf for free with #0.00 Brought to you by Yenumtech

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This is strictly ffor etisalat and android phone users, the IP's and ports i will be dropping are magical in the sense that it allows you to ssurf for free with your android phone.
You would need a tunneling app called Psiphon and Etisalat sim..then you are good to go.


You can use any IP of your choice.

IP =   Port = 3128

IP = Port = 8888

IP = Port = 3128

IP = Port = 3128

Now open Your Psiphon Handler if you dont have Psiphon you can DOWLOAD IT HERE
and configure as follows

Proxy Type: Reverse Proxy

Proxy Server: Use either Instagram.com or mobile.etisalat.com.ng%2F%3a@
Save and configure other settings as follows

Goto Options And select tunnel whole device 
Choose United states as region
Now go to more option
and configure as follows from this pic


after all this exist the app and open again, now wait for it to connect  check your notification to see when it is connected. 

Normally it takes about 5 to 10 mins for it to connect, once connected the speed is superb. just be patient for it to connect.

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