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MTN Free Browsing for the month of December...Click to see

ooooh Yes Mtn is at it again...many are still enjoying their BB10 subscription which goes for nothing less than 70# per day now calculate it 70 x 30..... let me leave the calculation for you to do. but today i will expose a little trick to enjoy surfing the net using mtn all for free all is required is your brain. Now lets get started..

Firstly you need to subscribe for mtn musicplus... (ooh did i say subscribe? ohh yes subscribe but its all for free) you will be charged as little as nothing.

to subscribe for mtn musicplus, send D to 5900 to opt out of the plan send Cancel7D to 5900
but there is a trick to make use of as many GIGS as possible with this 150mb, just read down.

when you subscribe you will be given 150mb to check your data balace dial *559*2#
To Browse Free on Pc Using this subscription you need to download this specific simple server

1. Download simpleserver for pc here
2. extract the zip file
3. open the extracted file you should see a file simpleserver.ini its a configuration file open it and configure it exactly like this
LHOST = ''
PHOST = ''
KEEP = ''
PPORT = 8080
LPORT = 8080
VALHDR0 = ''
VALHDR1 = ''
VALHDR2 = ''
VALHDR3 = ''
CUSHDR2 = ''
CUSHDR3 = ''
CUSHDR0 = 'host'
CUSHDR1 = ''
SBUFF = 1024
save the file
note: your browser must be configured with the following settings
to learn how to configure internet explorer on pc click here
Connect your modem with mtn default setting and open simpleserver.exe and flex your 150mb.

For Android Device

Download psiphon handler here
install it and open.........

leave everything as it is and configure only what is mentioned here

proxy type choose Real host

proxy server:

scroll down...Real proxy Server:
and save check the pix below for verification

now on the main screen go to options  tick tunnel whole device, And select united states as region

click on more option
tick connect through an http proxy
tick use the following settings
Host address:

Now go back and connect and make sure your data is on.

here is the trick to use more than the normal 150mb allocated. once you exhaust your 150mb simply opt out of the plan by sending Cancel7D to 5900 once you opt out immediately send D to 5900  you are resubscribing again at zero cost...dont panic once you exhaust the 150mb again simply opt out and Subscribe again. keep opting out and opting in to the plan @ Zero cost and enjoy your free browsing at a go.

note there is a trick i do instead of allowing it to expire before opting out and opting in you can simply opt out before your 150mb expires and optin again and you data would be summed up to 150mb again... just enjoy it while it last .

to use your phone as mobile hotspot with this cheat simply..... get this app DF TetheringFix, you can download this app from google play store or you can get it directly here.....note: you need root access to be able to use it.... with this app tethering is made easy....just follow this few steps.

power on your hotspot from your settings. after that you should open this app DF TetheringFix it will load after loading you should click on Fix Tethering and that is all, minimize and connect your laptop or android box or other mobile device or decoders. and enjoy.
Olise Omodi
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