27 Jan 2016


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Elevation Simply means the movement of the dish upward and downward. Today i will be sharing a little trick that you can try out for yourself in other to get the elevation of your satellite degree.

If we can properly set the elevation angle , then the azimuth alignment will be a very simple one to adjust. So the following simple procedures will be helpful for sat installers. If you already know the setup , just ignore it.

1.  Hope we all remember our old school days, this simple device [Protractor]  in your Maths Set.Take it.

sat finder

2. Take a thread for 20 cm length. Fix the one end on the top[@ the Middle] with sellotape ( see fig.) and add a counter weight on the other end. ( I used a spark plug here as a counter weight)

compass for satellite

3.Fix it on the scalar ring surface of the dish antenna with A Gum or sellotape.

local compass for satellite

Dish Elevation

4. Move the dish antenna up and down. Now the thread move due to gravity and shows the correct elevation angle. It works 100%.

satellite dish elevation

5. For example, I set the antenna for Thaicom - 5 @ 78.5 E . Now the Thread shows 78 degree accurately.

satellite tracking

sat finder

This type of setup will be very useful for aii Installers. Within 5 to 10 seconds , you can fix the elevation angle correctly. while you Work to get the azimuth.
This is our own Local Satellite Finder (Dish Tracker)

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