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In Satellite dish installation, Motorization simply means; in simpler term Maximizing your dish to meet its full capacity of receiving all the satellites it can receive . You might have a 1.8m dish and you were just able to track Nilesat, but when fully motorized you can track more than five(5) different sat on it.

Motorization is simply managing your dish. Why buy two satellite dishes when you can simply attach an lnb to the other dish and still get same services. Also if the satellites are less than 2degrees apart, why use two LNB'S when you can track both satellites with a single lnb and get both packages.

Today i will be explaining some necessary prerequisite and techniques in other for you to best understand how to motorize your satellite dish. In Motorization a frequency can not be expected to be as it would be when not motorized, be sure the percentage quality will drop but when properly motorized it wont be evident.


The LNB is one of the most important element in a successful motorization especially if the degree are close as in this case; we will use two sats that are less than 2degrees apart; you should use a quality LNB.

For Example, if You want to track Ses @5 degree east and eutelsat 7a @ 7degree east from these two degree we see that the difference between the two degrees is we can use a single LNB to get both Satellite..

Firstly; you should track the smaller degree which is ses@5east now you need to know where to locate your 7degree east for the second satellite... since 7east is the bigger degree between 5degree and 7degree you move your dish to the left. if you don't know how to locate your degree

read this: Location Of Satellite Positions Without Using sat finder.....Know how to Locate your Degree.......

From ses5 make sure you track to the best signal quality lets say you got about 85%; To Track eutelsat 7A together with SES5 move the dish to the left from the back of your dish. still be on ses5, you should still be on ses5 frequency, move the dish to the left and watch the frequency drop to 75%.

Next: you should reduce the elevation downwards till the frequency reduces to 70% and tie the nuts. At this point you should have reduced the frequency reasonably to about 15%, now check your Eutelsat 7East frequency you should get a signal boost of about 70%, now you should tweak your LNB, by adjusting it and watching the signal and make sure you monitor the two satellites ses5 and eutelsat7a in other not to make the other suffer, it should be in between. (not Hot ==> Not Cold, Not Ses5==> Not eutelsat7a).
This technique also apply for multi tv and badr at@28.2 and 26 degree east respectively.


This is more Advanced than the other because, in this case you would be required to use two or more LNB's. Why use different Satellite dish to track Eutelsat 16E, eutelsat 36E, Eutelsat7E, Astra 28.2E, badrsat 26E, and ses 5E, When you can get all these with a single dish. why taking the whole space with your dish in your neighborhood? when you can simply motorize your dish for better space management.
I know someone reading this now will be like; HOW? Well its very well possible keep calm and read

I first used a 1.5m dish to carry out this experiment when MBC packages on nilesat were no longer accessible ....I was able to get a very stable and high quality signal, Eutelsat 16E was 97% on Frequency 10804 H 30000,  my multi tv was 90%, DSTV 80%, Badr sat 75%, eutelsat7a 65 t0 70%. All these with a single power sat 1.5m dish, tested also on 1.0m dish. i have not tested 60cm but am much sure it would work also. I leave that experiment to you to test on 60cm.


Firstly: Track Eutelsat 16A this should be the Primary Sat. Track this satellite with this tp 10804 H 30000, Do all you can to make sure you hit the highest possible signal quality, i got 97% on mine. Once you are sure you have gotten the best quality tie the nuts firm. because you wont adjust the body, elevate, or move the dish again after that.....

Next get a ROD, This is very common you can check your satellite dealer shop to get one this is how it looks.

Rod for satellite dish

Satellite dish rod holder

if you can't find one you can get a Welder  to construct some for you.. the rod comes in two either short and long. go for the long one.

Location of the degree: From Eutelsat 16E if you want to track any degree bigger than 16E you should position your LNB to the right of Eutelsat 16E. [Standing at the back of the dish] now from the satellites i want to track badr is the next bigger degree at 26E it should follow, then multi tv should be nxt @ 28.2 E and finally Dstv @ 36E. to get eutelsat 7E, you should position your LNB to the left of eutelsat 16E. Because, Eutelsat 7E is a smaller degree compared to 16e.

here is an Algorithm of how it should look like: in this pix. arabsat 20E former irib was the primary sat on 1.8mdish. and as u can see how you can attach and locate your degree.

multi sat
Multi sat 

I call Eutelsat 16E a Primary satellite because it should be the one to be tracked first, and the body should be aligned to get it before moving to the next step.

There are so many ways and techniques you can use to motorize different satellite at different positions its left for you to try them out.

I did the above experiment when MBC packages where no longer receivable on Smaller dish so i used my 1.5m for this experiment. But when Mbc returned with BWTV i returned my dish back to nilesat at 7W. But i still need to motorize my dish so i can still get other package and i did get other packages.

After tracking Nilesat @7west with my 1.5m Dish i used a rod and attached to the  side check the pics below to see where i positioned the rod
lnb positioning
As you can see from the pix above, this dish is positioned at nilesat, to track other sats that are in east you should position your lnb to the left and if you want to find other sat in west you position your lnb to the right.
With the long rod you can track Eutelsat 7e, eutelsat 16E, Badrsat 26E, and multi tv @ 28.2E. and direct opposite the Rod you can track ses 22w [Canal+].

Although the percentage where not as strong as the former but it was stable enough for my comfort.

Note: Except you want to motorize just two different satellites you should not temper with the Azimuth and body alignment. i.e don't adjust the body.

If you want to track for e.g Multi tv and Dstv or Multi tv And Badrsat,or  e.t.c. you can tweak the body to get a balanced quality. but if you are to track three or more satellites, you need a primary satellite i.e A sat you must track first and fix, no need aligning or adjusting the body of the dish to get other satellites.  Like i explained earlier i used Eutelsat16E as my Primary Sat and i didn't align the body to get others i left it permanently fixed there; also i used nilesat 7W as my primary sat and i didn't align my dish to get others. all you need do is to work on your lnb positioning when motorizing three or more sats.

I hope with this little explanation you can now have a foresight of how best you can motorize you dish; you should know how to position your lnb during motorization and also make sure you have a good aligned pan, and a good quality LNB to enjoy motorization.

multi satellite
Motorization on 90cm dish

You can make asking, querying, and making contributions through the comment box...
Olise Omodi
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