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For so many years now the advent of different iks decoders is innumerable, in the sense that we have bought so many that they are now surplus to requirement. starting with avarter to dongles to iks decoders... if you will agree with me, the reason for buying these device is to enable us to watch premium encrypted channels free of charge but the truth is this we end up spending more and we might had spent almost what the legal/official subscription would have cost.

doing avarter, we buy this device connect to a server through a separate dish and unlock certain channels now, these device actually costs more than the legal subscription but we go for it thinking its a one time payment but little do we know that  these manufacturers have a plan.. we are later made to buy IC's  claiming the one in it is expired. looking at this you are spending more and you can never enjoy any of these device like you would enjoy the official and legal decoders with subscription, we experience freezing that when watching a live match you may get so pissed off by its frequent freezing state. sometimes the channel wont even open.

Dongles and Iks decoders surfaced, we now abandoned our avarter and went for the latest one.... that doesn't need a dish as a server to connect but rather we use our sim cards to connect to their so called server. at first i must say the stability was awesome and almost perfect no much freezing and going off and on. but anything illegal is illegal, what is wrong is wrong.  Later on we started facing issues little by little , we buy accounts that we cant enjoy, we download and update soft-wares almost every time but the recent attack on them made it difficult for these device to open the famous satellite which it was known for. And believe me no matter how these companies work on there server to decrypt these satellites you can never enjoy them mark my words and the funny thing about this is you are paying for it and its not official why not go for the official one. instead of buying accounts that you wont use.

This is the now and latest trending for mostly sport lovers.. especially football to be specific, we are now able to watch some live matches through this encryption. with what is currently going on so many people will still fall a victim. why buy some certain decoders fashioned to be auto roll when you already got a compatible strong decoder. if you have any of these strong models Srt4902, 4920,4922,4922a,4922D+,4930, 4930l, 4950, 4950m,4950h. I don't see any reason why you should buy any other decoder for powervu..
All you need do is to get the various patches for your decoder and load it to the decoder and input the powervu keys manually.

Get the Patches for the decoders Here

Imputing these keys will not take more than few seconds. we shouldn't be lazy to sort out the keys i will take my time to keep you guys posted on working keys at least for the two most used one which are MTN WORLDIDE TV PACKAGES AND SONY ENTERTAINMENT PACKAGES you can always get the keys on this blog by clicking HERE.

But if you dont have any of strong decoders that supports these or any previously purchased Qsat decoders i will recommend Alpha box. its a cheap decoder you can get it to add to your previous non supported decoder but if you have a supported decoder there is no need going for it you will still get same service the difference is you getting the keys which you can get  here @


I know by now so many of you reading this will think am working for the some companies that is why am against these iks decoders and the rest. well am not. What am doing here is actually laying down the plain truth which many will disagree with but its the truth and nothing but the truth. We seem to complain that these Official Satellite tv companies are monopolizing us but we fail to realize that the manufacturers of theses iks and dongles are worst monopolizers, here is the truth we all pay for services for the two. be it the official subscription or dongles and iks which we pay for accounts...But that of official gives us our full services, what of that of the dongles? can we beat our chest that they are serving us well? of course not.
I rather pay for the official subscription and enjoy my games or i go for IPTV and enjoy my games rather than buying iks decoders and dongles, paying for account that wont work even if it decrypts the channels it will freeze and you cant say you got the whole full services you bargained for. so why do we venture into this wastage.

Also we go for auto-roll powervu decoders, note this: any day strong stops unlocking powervu these so called auto-roll powervu decoders will stop. I don't know if some of you could remember what happened in early January, mtnworldwide upgraded and changed their keys none of the so called auto-roll decoders were able to unlock these channels for some hours except strong 4922 that had the software version of 1.90. now when these so called auto-roll powervu decoders discovered that strong was on and working fine on mtnworldwide,  they now knew that they need to upgrade and work on some soft-wares to enable them unlock mtnworldwide. none of alphabox, Gsky, azplay, tiger, etc worked until that new software.. and so many times some users are deceived that when they get these auto-roll decoders they wont experience freezing.. Hahahaah i laughed when  a end user was saying his decoder unlocks sport24 and it doesn't freeze like strong. and i asked him if he had a strong and he said no... i just SMH. POwer VU is not like dongles or IKs decoders that freezes.  if any powervu channel on any decoder you are using for powervu freezes then check your connections or your Cband lnb Noise level because using inferior Cband LNB can cause freezing due to noise.

My Final Note: Don't be deceived or Lured in to buying any IKS and Dongles again they wont serve you if you cant go for the official subscription of these satellites then go for IPTV or for now POwervu is the best alternative if the channels are not showing the game you want to watch just be patient you can only watch one game at a time or you go to a viewing center and watch or better still IPTV. Remember IKS DECOODERS AND DONGLES IS DEAD.
 No matter what they do you will only end up regretting and wasting your money lets put our hands together and stop these dongle monopoly..

Feel Free to share.
Olise Omodi
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