23 Feb 2016



BWTV is one of the reachable powervu channel for west Africa.. considering the fact that you can track this with a 90cm dish, and its on ku band.. unlike others that are cband and not only that the other sport powervu channels requires larger dish and scalar ring as the case may be...

but with BWTV you Can enjoy some football games live with an affordable 90cm dish and ku band lnb which is not expensive. ...

what kind of games do BWTV shows? 

you can enjoy almost all GERMANS league on BWTV and champions league all live..

How Can i Track BWTV.?

You can get this on two satellite either hotbird or Nilesat. but as we all know Hotbird Requires large dish.. but you can get this on nilesat.

How can i Track this on nilesat?

You need a minimum of 90cm dish to track this... and its a ku band LNB, Located at NIlesat 7west.
with frequency: 11595 V 27500. Encrypted with powervu

How to Decrypt BWTV.?

BWTV is encrypted with powervu if you dont know what powervu means please refer to the post here
this means you need a compatible decoder that supports powervu.. to know if your decoder supports powervu you can use the search box to search on this blog.
Next is to input the powervu keys.

On the contrary Bwtv Changes their keys almost every day and sometimes twice or thrice a day so the keys i will be dropping here may change even before you finish reading this. So therefore i have decided to serve my blog reader with the opportunity to get the keys everytime it is changed.

All you need do is to like my facebook page FACEBOOK PAGE to always get the updated keys or you simply drop your whatsapp numbers through the contact form below to always get the updated keys through whatsapp.

Simply fill your name, email and your whatsapp contact with country code please

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  1. BWTV channel on strong decorder is there any for it?

  2. BWTV Channel on strong decorder 4922 is there any software for it?


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