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Satellite dish size

For Knowledge Purpose i will be explaining briefly the sizes of satellite dish and there conversion to different unit.. we have a very common sizes been used frequently which is meter for example we hear of 1m. 1.3m. 1.5m, 1.8, 2.4m, etc. also we hear of 60cm, 90cm, 8feet, 24feet, etc. yea if you have ever wondered just like i did sometime ago about feet. because i was a little confused until i understood the simple arithmetic that is been involved.

its a common mathematics that me and you know of in our early school days. now  lets go there.
Get you pen and paper we are going to solve some mathematics today:

100centimeters ==> 1m

3.28feets ==> 1m

from the above we should now know that it takes 100cm for us to get 1m and likewise it will take 3.28feet before a meter can be obtained.

Convert (1.) 60cm    (2.) 90cm to meter

1. Recall: 100cm ==> 1m
therefore; 60cm   ==> Xm

Cross multiply
100 multiply by Xm == 100Xm
60 multiply by 1       == 60

          now we divide 100Xm by 60
          100/60 = 0.60m

therefore 60cm = 0.60m

to convert to feet.
Recall    3.28 feet ==> 1m
therefore; X feet      ==> 0.60m

cross multiply
3.28 multiply by 0.60 ==>
1.97X multiply by 1 ==> X

therefore 60cm = 0.60m = 1.97feet.

Do that of 90cm on your own.

from the above just use the procedure to solve and calculate your feet

Further Examples:

how many meters is in 8 feet.
now we know that;
               3.28feets ==> 1m
therefore; 8feets     ==> Xm

cross multiply
3.28 multiply by x = 3.28X
8 multiply by 1 = 8

now divide through by 3.28
we have 8/3.28 = 2.4m

therefore: 8feet is = 2.4m.

concluding simple easy calculation... 

1.) whenever you are converting from feet to meter you divide the number of feet by 3.28

2.) whenever you are converting from meter to feet you multiply the number of meter by 3.28

3.) whenever you are converting from centimeter to meter you divide the number of centimeter by 100

4.) whenever you are converting from meter to  centimeter you multiply the number of meter by 100.

whenever you want to convert from cm to feet you first convert to meter then you convert to feet..

Happy Calculation.
Olise Omodi
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  1. how can I get freeview @ 28% east. that is sky UK in Nigeria

  2. I would like to know if sky Uk finally left west Africa bean. early this year I receive some the channels . when I thought it would improve, it suddenly went off.

    Is there a way to improve on the signals, since am using 5 meter dish.

    secondly BBC1 , 2, 3 and Itv 1, 2 , 3 are on 27% west, are there biss keys that can open them.

  3. Hello I have failed to get the sign of sports 24... but when I use 3800 H 20000 I get a good signal. What could be my issue???

  4. how can we determine the size of dish required for a particular sat

  5. hi there,i have upgraded the frequency to 12525 and the symbol rate to 30000 but for sometime, chanells like Adom tv,joy tv,joy prime are now not coming can you help me with this pleace?


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