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Decoder Configuration For both Cband and Ku Band LNB.

decoders 4950

Here is another Tutorial and Information for my Blog readers, like i earlier said this blog is meant to enhance and educate satellite installers both newbies and professionals... including those without any idea of installation before, i am working on a detailed Article on Guide to satellite installation, that would  be beneficial to a newbie.

Today let us talk about Configuring our Decoders for various lnb input. What is the Target of this Tutorial?

One of my blog Reader Complained to me that he ha been tracking a particular satellite for days and no avail, i gave some hint to him yet he didnt nail the bird, i was wondering and i was running out of ideas, i even adviced him to find another location and adjusting his pole yet he didnt nail it.. and to think he was actually trying to nail one of the most eaiest satellite. but little do we know that his dish setting for that satellite has been tampered with. his lnb frequency was not properly set. this now made me to remember one of my experiences like that long time ago when the frequency was altered and i had to track for hours without result untill i changed to another decoder before i later discovered my fault which i will be sharing with you today.

If your configuration is not properly set believe me you will be searching in vain so therefore before you start searching for a satellite make sure you check the configuration and confirming if its the  right settings before you proceed to locating the signal.

There are different configurations for Cband and Ku band Lnb's  Read down to find the configuration...

Configuration For Ku Band LNB

For every ku band there is a default frequency.. there is what we call LNB frequency which must carry the right value.. so anything short of this will be invalid. to get this configuration you will need to go to  MENU on your remote control And Navigate to Installation and locate either Dish setting, or Antenna settings there you will get the window to configure your desired band. 

check the below list and what is supposed to be there, though am using a strong decoder but its not different from others just little adjustment but you should know the values and what is supposed to be there.

  • LNB Power: the LNB power should always be on.
  • Lnb Type: for KU band LnB your LNB type must be set to Universal
  • LNB Frequency: this is one of the tricky part the default value for Ku band LNB is 9.750/10.600 
  • If for any Reason the above data are contrary you are sure not to get the signal.

Configuration for c band lnb

LNB Power: ON
Lnb Type: for Cband Lnb your Lnb type should be Single
LNB frequency: 5.150

The next is the diseq....what is diseq

A Diseq is a switch that is used to combine two or more lnb's together...this device makes it possible to combine two or more satellites in to one decoder, instead of using the different decoders you use this small device to combine them together.. it has different types. and configuring this diseq is very easy all you need do is to check the number that you connected the diseq to from the dish and make sure it corresponds to that of the decoder. to learn more on diseq refer to this post here.

Read also: How to connect several satellite using Dieq Switch


from the above explanation i believe we have a proper guide and instance on how we can configure our decoders for both cband and ku band LNB so any time we are making use of any of the LNB we should make sure we check our dish settings or antenna settings to be sure that our decoder is configured well. for cband we use single for the lnb type and 5.150 for lnb frequency but for Ku band lnb we use universal for the lnb Type and 9.750/10.600 for the lnb frequency. 

Olise Omodi
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