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Satellite Tv Update Which You should read, Sport 24 and Eutelsat9A/9B

satellite dish
oh yes its been a while i last updated you guys on the latest trend...Starting with Eutelsat9A/9B @ 9°East, this satellite has been trending for some time now in the past days and weeks, but i choose to be very silent on the issue which many of my blog readers has been sending me messages  to write on it..

Eutelsat 9A/9B @ 9°East is mostly made up of European channels that shows movies, sports, Documentaries, Musics News and lot more. they boast of over 300 channels which we can receive here in Africa. But Most of the exciting channels are locked.

What Kind of Channels Can I Receive on Eutelsat 9°East?

You are sure to enjoy some free to Air channels like: BBC, BLOOMBERG, CCTV, NICKELODEON,M1, M4, and lot more.

There are also some exciting sport channels where you can watch Live football games across Europe including EPL and  LALIGA without me forgetting European competitions like Champion League and Europa League.

Now to The full details of this package.: All the football channels where you can watch this football games are all locked you can only unlock these channels through CCcam. using a valid account, if you are able to get this cccam account you are sure to enjoy live football games across Europe.

Some of the channels that can be unlocked through this CCcam are:  Digisport 1, 2, 3, sport1 and Sport2, OTE sports and host of others.

To view all the channel lists on this satellite simple Click on this link:

CCCam is a kind of module that decrypts Some encrypted channels am not going in to details of that in this post for those who know of it can go ahead but for those that doesn't have an idea about CCcam should wait as i will be during justice to that very soon in subsequent posts.


these are the frequencies for the channels:
11727 V 27500
11747 H 27500
11766 V 27500                                          
11804 V 27500     
11862 H 27500       
11938 H 27500

How to locate this signal: firstly you should track Eutelsat7°East with frequency 10927 H 30000 after getting about 75 to 80% on this frequency you can now switch to Eutelsat 9°East using this frequency 11804 V 27500 Or 11938 H 27500 Any of the two Tps are easy to track. now from Eutelsat7a  move the dish to the left if you are standing behind the dish or you move to the right if you are standing at the front of the dish, now adjust the elevation of the dish. and don't forget to keep tweaking your lnb. the signal is very close to Eutelsat 7°East after getting the signal on either 11804 V 27500 or 11938 H 27500 you should blind can for others to come and be very careful not to get star-times channels on those frequencies. on 11938 you should get channels like African media, cctv, ptv and on 11804 you should see channels like AFN port, Afn pacific, etc. anything short of that you are yet to get the signal. i also do recommend a Genuine strong Ku Band LNB.   
You Can Also Read:

Important Notice you should Know:

This is the bone of contention over the weeks many people still see this satellite as untraceable due to their locations, i must say this satellite has caused a lot of confusion as to the fact that so many claimed to track this on 90cm and 1m dish and so many also has tried even with a 1.5m dish yet no signal.
Through proper diagnosis i discovered that only those in western part of Nigeria are able to get this channel on 90cm and 1m dish other regions in Nigeria like the South, north and Eastern Parts are unable to do so on 90cm or 1m dish.  But if you were successful with 1m Dish in any region outside west in Nigeria please do notify us.
  • For Eastern Part Of Africa Reports reaching us Confirmed it working very well on 90cm,
  • For other Western African Countries like Ghana, Mali, e.t.c i am yet to get a report which might likely be, you will need more than 1m dish for those regions.
  • But in Nigeria for Northern Parts 1.8m dish is the required dish size but for Eastern and southern parts of Nigeria you will need over 1.8m dish maybe 2.4 meter and above.
Once you are successful in Tracking these channels if you are in need of the CCcam Accounts you can reach me through the site contact form. 


This channel has been of help to soccer lovers, its a channel that airs live football games to learn about this click here
but as at yesterday 22nd march 2016 it went off, and there has been rumors that the channel will go off by April which i cant confirm if that rumor is true but i don't see it going off.. But what exactly happened yesterday?

MTNworldwide Tv Carried out some upgrade which caused some changes MTN worldwide tv on Nss7 @ 20west changed its frequency and symbol can no longer receive the channel on it formal TP but with this new Tp 4126 V/H 20465 its still Cband LNB.

But as at the time of publishing this post we were unable to track Mtnworldwide with 90cm dish using scalar ring which currently means its no longer working on smaller dishes except 1.8m and above but i was able to get it on 1.5m in northern Nigeria but not strong enough.

For other Eastern Africa you can continue to get Mtnworldwide Tv on its other position on Nss12 @ 57east... its much easier for your region but other western African countries you need a 1.8m dish to get this package on nss7 @ 20west. Mind you its still using same key which you can always get HERE
Olise Omodi
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  1. tanx 4 d update. .. in tracking d 9E with 2.4m dish does one need 2 use a ku lnb or c band lnb...

  2. Hello sir, do I have to use Internet to screen the lock channels on eutelsat 9 with the help of ccam or direct dish connection if setup with the help of the ccam?


  3. Hello sir, do I have to use Internet to screen the lock channels on eutelsat 9 with the help of ccam or direct dish connection if setup with the help of the ccam?


  4. Please, i need biss key for wap TV. Eusalat 16a

  5. Please, i need biss key for wap TV. Eusalat 16a


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