28 May 2016

Channels where you can watch the European Champions League Finals....Real-Madrid Vs Ateletico Madrid Live

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Listed below are some free to air channels that would air the European Champions League Final Between Ateletico Madrid and Real Madrid.... Note some of the channels are Totally FTA i.e it requires no key while some are biss encrypted, others are powervu encrypted...See the Channel list below.

>>2S TV
Eutelsat 16°E-10804 H 30000-FTA

SES 4 22°W-11551 V 40000 -FTA
Eutelsat 7°E -12728 V 30000 -FTA

>>Vision 4
Eutelsat 16°E-10804 H 30000-FTA 

SES 4 22°W-11671 V 30000 -FTA

>>TV 3 Ghana
Intelsat 18°W -4026 R 5000 -FTA(C-Band)
Astra 28.2°E -12525 V 27000 -FTA/Biss(get the keys here)

Badr 26°E -11900 V 27500 -FTA/Biss
Badr 26°E -11881 H 27500 -FTA/Biss
Intelsat 62°E -11555 V 30000 -FTA/Biss
 (get the keys here)

>>SportsMax 2
Intelsat 55.5°W -4003 V 8680 -PowerVU(C-Band)
Intelsat 55.5°W -3735 V 8681 -PowerVU(C-Band)
(get the keys here)

Sport 24
NSS 47.5°W-4163 R 9247-PowerVU(C-Band)
NSS 57.0°E- 4147 R 9245 -PowerVU(C-Band)

Intelsat 34.5°W-4090 H 20665-PowerVU (C-Band)
 (get the keys here)

>>Idman Azerbaijan
AzerSpace 46°E -11175 H 27500 -FTA/Biss(get the keys here)

Eutelsat 7°E -11221 H 27500 -FTA
Intelsat 24.5°W -4122 R 5300 -FTA(C-Band)
Intelsat 31.5°W -4114 V 5300 -FTA(C-Band)
Intelsat 31.5°W -12340 V 2121 -FTA

Eutelsat 10°E – 10756 V 2480 -FTA (SD)

>>Sports HD
Eutelsat 9°E -11804 V 27500 -PowerVU
(get the keys here) 

Eutelsat 9°E -11804 V 27500 -PowerVU
Intelsat 0.8°W -4175 R 28000 -PowerVU(C-Band)
Intelsat 64.2°E -4093 L 3680 -PowerVU(C-Band)
(get the keys here)

HotBird 13°E -11054 H 27500 -FTA
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  1. Big solo18:11

    Bros, my 4669 is not accepting pairing rather flashes type miss match is there a way forward?


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