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Simple and detailed guide on how to track mbc channels(mbc Action, max, 1,2,3,4 and 4) on Nilesat 7west

Hello to every one of you reading this article, due to request from so many readers on my blog i decided to make this post.. on how you can successfully track Mbc channels on Nilesat7W.

I must say so many people find this satellite so difficult to track, i always receive, emails, calls, text and messages on my whatsapp with request just for this satellite, well with this article today i should be able to do justice to it.... and to be honest after you successfully nail the satellite you would discover that its actually one of the easiest to track, now lets get down to business.

Requirement for MBC Channels on Nilesat7W.
  1. Satellite Dish: of cause you need a dish, a recommended dish size of 100cm(1m), but hey 90cm 85cm, 75cm and 60cm will also work.. i was able to nail this satellite in north east, Kaduna state Nigeria with 60cm, but it depends on your location , but not withstanding your location for any area in west africa Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, Mali, etc. 100cm is just perfectly ok for it. but if you want to get a new dish as a fresher go for 100cm for this satellite.
  2. A Decoder: a Standard Mpeg2 SD decoder will just be fine, its not must you have a mpeg4 or HD decoders but if you have an HD good ad fine but our old receivers mpeg2 will work just fine. 
  3. Accessories: what do i mean by accessories, you need LNB a good KU band LNB,i recommend a strong LNB, coaxial cables, f-connectors, e.t.c...Also you need a good Installer if you are a newbie you can try it out yourself i hope my article on this will be useful enough. 

Take note of this before before you start hunting for this satellite
  1. You must make sure the place or area you want to mount the dish is free enough horizontally from the dish , up to the sky.... trees, high buildings, mast, etc.. must not be close at least for a better reception 20 to 30m apart.
  2. Also i discovered a problem that is usually common, you pole should be straight, try your best to make sure the pole you want to mount the dish is strong and firm in other not to shake during the hunting, because its going too be a negative factor if not properly mounted. 
  3. After mounting the dish and making the connections, make sure the coaxial cables are connected properly, also tighten the dish but you must tight it in such a way that, you can adjust its azimuth(left to right movement) and elevation( upward and downwards movement)... 
 1........2 Steps in successfully nailing mbc Packages
              mbc channels SD is located at Nilesat 7West.. to know how to locate you degrees successfully---Read This......... note if you are moving from DSTv, Eutelsat 16east, Ses5, and eutelsat 7 east....standing at the back of your dish, you move to the right.

 Use this frequency to track 11474 V 27500, with your LNB tweaked at 1 to 2.O'Clock from the back of the dish, after you have gotten signal on this frequency then, you input the frequency for mbc channels which is 11560 V 27500, then you search.

With the above details just any installer can get this satellite.... but for those that needs more should do this carefully.

Firstly track ABS 3west with this tp 11150 V 45000, its on 3west very close to Nilesat on 7west... its much more easier to track... this particular satellite elevation is high... after tracking this ABS @3west input the frequency for Nilesat  11474 V 27500 and standing at the back of the dish move the dish to the right a little and bring it down a little with your eyes on the signal meter and you should be able to get it now.....Then input the TP for MBC 11560 V 27500 and search or you blind scan...

For LNB Tweaking... it should be @ 1 to 2 o'clock from the back of the dish. but after getting the signal you can change your lnb position to 4 to 5 o'clock and change your polarization to H and test to know which position is better....If after tracking and your percentage is low...just cut your lnb to boost its reception... check the pixs below to know where and how to cut your lnb... . . .

If you still find it difficult to track.. drop your questions on the comment box...
Olise Omodi
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  1. I have been reading your blog and it has been helping me a lot on how to track many satellite I must say you are genius and also my mentor thank you very much keep it up

  2. Please help me with the picture of the way you position your MBC LNB

    1. it has been updated look at the pix above you will see it

  3. Boss, i want to track nilesat using 1.8m dish and add multiple LNBs (2) with it. pls i need recommendations on which sat to add and a little detailed desription on how to about it. Thank you very much, my email add is :

  4. Boss...Pls kindly drop your Whatsapp ID..Expecting to read from you..Thanks

  5. Which direction is the dish facing? Is it the same direction of DStv or opposite for the MBC

  6. Hi good day admin
    I read your tutorial earlier
    I decided to use you tp listed above to track nilesat with my 60cm dish but I couldn't nail the bird so I need you to please help me with a new tp to be able to track nilesat with my 60cm dish
    Thanks you

  7. I have successfully scanned MBC channels but they are scrammbled. i use 90cm dish and am from Tanzania using qsat 13g. kindly help.

  8. hello guy, i appreciate ur effort 4 d help u have been rendering... i am a newbie i hav a strong HD decoder model srt 4922 with powersat kuband single lnb, yet i could nt get d signal, i dont knw wat i am missing, plz help am from kuje abuja, doh wat i see here is 'level and quality ' d level is about 97% nd d quality jst fluctuating between 20-30. and i follow all d method u show here..thnks

  9. tracking MBC had been my problem atnilesat7 west i stay in karu nasarawa state can you please help me i am a fresh installer


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