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Read!!!!!!! detailed Guide on tracking Sport24 and Afn Packages @ 34.5West(Cband)

cband and dish

Sport24 is one of the powervu channels we have been enjoying for sometime now. They have been inconsistent due to some coverage rights and so on.
What kind of program do they air? They air live Epl Matches, champions league, Europa League and other European competitions including the on going Euro 2016 tournament in France.

For those asking if Sport24 is track-able with 1m and scalar ring!!! the answer to that question is No. You need a minimum dish size of 1.8m and above, also its powervu encrypted, still don't know what powervu means Read this

Follow this steps and guide i will give below strictly it should answer some of your questions:

  • Firstly, you need at least a 1.8m dish...1m and scalar ring wont work
  • You  need a very good Cband lnb, i used Strong, Dmac and single solution lnb brown carton eurostar, and they worked well.
  • Thirdly you need a powervu enabled Decoder, like strong, qsat,alpha box, openbox, Gsky, Azplay, etc. so many of them in the market but choose wisely, make good enquires before you buy any.

Use this frequency to track 3777 h/v 3777 this tp is for NTA on same position with sport24 @34.5west, its a very easy and simple tp to locate, remember its on 34.5west.

On the Cband LNB you should use the di-electric plate inside the lnb for good and better reception.

After you nail the signal on this tp 3777 h/v 3777 try all you possible best to boost the signal quality to at least 80 to 85% then you input these frequencies:
Sport24: 4173 H 20665
hd sport24

Afn: 4126 L 3680

Then you scan or you blind scan.

Here are some tips you can try out to boost your signal quality
  • Aligning the satellite dish
How do we align our satellite dish?
1. Start by adjusting the azimuth of the dish to its peak of that particular satellite. What is Azimuth? this is the movement of the dish from right to left horizontally, try to make sure that the horizontal position for that satellite is the best location and position, you check you signal meter during adjustment to know and get the highest possible position.
2. Dish elevation: Dish elevation is the vertical movement of the dish either up or down. Just like the azimuth make sure that the current elevation level of the dish to the satellite is to its peak. i.e to the best quality level, also monitor your signal meter during this adjustment.
3. Body of the dish: this is an aspect that many installers do not always put in to consideration during installation. the body of a dish can be so bad that no matter the trick you apply if you don't try to adjust its body you would just be wasting your time. So check if there are any bent area around the circular edges of the dish and try to adjust it, this case is a common problem we face especially during the raining seasons. How i do this: After all adjustments i touch all edges of the dish pan softly while i monitor the signal meter to see any changes, i do this round all its edges just to be sure and to be satisfied also.
4. Adjusting the Lnb: you don't need to bother much on lnb skewing on cband unlike on ku band Lnb, here the lnb azimuth has little effect on its quality but it's best advisable to adjust the  cband lnb to get the best signal.
5. Dish Location: Your dish must be free and clear of any obstruction there should be a clear view from your dish to the satellite in orbit.
6. Bad Lnb's: if you use a less effective LNB sport24 wont come up, you might receive afn and nta but sport24 will be a hard nut to crack, so get a quality lnb, also check you lnb if there are webs inside or dirt's clean and make it free.
7. Bad weather: do not try to hunt for any satellite if the weather isn't clear, especially when its raining, sometimes after tracking too and you are watching the channels, all in good condition, when you notice some drop in the signal quality and it rained just check if there is water on the satellite dish pan, try and drain the water off if there is any to boost the reception strength.

Like i stated earlier they are both powervu encrypted, which means you need a powervu enabled decoder.
Some decoders are auto-roll which means after tracking all you need is just to connect the decoder and it automatically opens the channels but for some other decoders you need to manually  input the powervu keys to unlock them.
Given below are the keys for both afn and sport24 as at the time of publishing this post they are working

Sport24: Key 00: 2E 40 E3 27 BB 78 37

               Key01: FF FA 91 E9 7B 25 70

Afn:       key 00: 6D AD C7 9A AD 00 CF
              key 01:  9E 83 D4 51 3F 3B 23
With these keys you should start enjoying this channels.
                            Do you have any question? pls use the comment box.
Olise Omodi
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  1. I tracked snny kits but it not opening with view sat decoder

  2. when did sports 24 will be on air?what problems caused sports 24 to be scrambled? same tanzania


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