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Tracking HDsport24 and Sony package on one dish without using a motorized jack


From my previous post I made a detailed guide on tracking mtn worldwide tv on 34.5west, but today we will see another position where we can get these mtn worldwide tv especially the famous HDsport24 that airs EPL. We also have sony that airs Laliga (Spanish League), English fa cups and other football games.

What is this sport24 all about?
It’s been on for a while now you can read more by reading this article here. Now its on a different position from the former but its same channel. On this position am about to share its on the East Orbit and the other on west. That of the east has been on for long but recently we have been able to get it on same dish size as that of west which makes it easier for us to work on it… and leaving us with the choice of which sat is better depending on our location.

Tracking Sport24 @ nns12@57east.
To track this satellite you need a minimum of 1.8m dish You also need a good cband lnb and a powervu enabled decoder.

Now to the tracking: firstly after assembling your dish you fix the cband lnb and note you  need the plate in the cband lnb for this. Here is the easiest way to track this. Use this tp 3802 H 19999 with your lnb tweaked @ 3 o'clock and begin hunting, once you get the signal now input this tp its for HDsport24 @57east 4133 R 13000 and it should pop up. Remember its @57east.

If you find this difficult to track you can just try and nail yamal @ 55east on ku band lnb with frequency 11045 V 40000 then, you change the lnb to cband, tweak the cband lnb to 3 o'clock and bring down the elevation of the dish a little you should get it. keep adjusting the azimuth and elevation to get its peak.
That is that for this satellite on 57east.

Tracking Sony Entertainment.
I don’t think I had written any comprehensive article on tracking this, well for experts and gurus they mostly just need the frequency and they are good to go, but we still have novice or those that are yet to track something like this so I try to be descriptive as possible.. sorry if you find this so boring as a pro..#winks

How to track sony entertainment channels easily:
Firstly, Sony Entertainment is @intelsat 68.5East. this means your dish will face down well so you should know that, also you should know how to locate your satellite degrees and positions I did explained that here please do read;’ here…………also the recommended dish size is 1.8m, but I have discovered that, 1.8m best works in the northern part of Nigeria, it still does work for other regions but I have recorded so many complaint so therefore if you are not in northern Nigeria I recommend you use bigger dish rather than 1.8m except you already got a 1.8m dish earlier before this.

One thing you should always know is, for you to enjoy free to air football you need a big dish, the bigger your dish the more channels you get.

Normally this is how I started on this channel, firstly i track old mytv which is on same position with this sony @68.5east, this is where we get most Christian channels, its on ku band, track this preaching channels with frequency 12722 V 26657… when you get this signal try to adjust and get the highest signal.

Then, change the lnb from ku to cband, note you should remove the dielectric plate after fixing the cband lnb, now input this TP. 3974 V 19850 still on same position don’t adjust the elevation or the azimuth of the dish, just keep adjusting the lnb @ some point you might need to adjust the elevation and azimuth a little, but don’t adjust the dish body (reflector) until you have adjusted the cband lnb very well.

The above frequency is very easy to track but its not for the sony.. after getting like 70% on that tp 3974V19850, Thereafter input sony frequency which is 3900H22222 and do all adjustments on the dish to get the peak of its signal for your dish then you search…. Also do blind scan to get other channels on it.
sport24 east

Combining Sony entertainment and Mtn worldwide Tv on One dish…..

Considering the fact that HDSport24 is @57east and Sony entertainment is @ 68.5East, they are not too far away from each other, this means there is a great possibilities of combining the two together which is very very possible, and I testify to it that it worked just perfectly.

How do we do this?

You must know that you need two cband lnb’s for this, also the dish size is minimum 1.8m for northern Nigeria but other areas I recommend above 1.8m if you can from 2.4m is just perfect.

One sweet thing about this is you can make any of the satellites to be your primary which either way it will work. What do I mean by primary? It means of the two satellites HDSport24 and sony you track one first.. before another… the first sat you track is your primary.. so in this case you can decide to track sony first then you attach HDSport24 to it… or you can track HDSport24 first then you attach sony to it, either way it will work.

How do we attach our lnb?

If you track HDSport24 first as your primary, you attach your cband lnb for Sony just above that of HDsport24...
check the pix below

But if you track Sony entertainment first as your primary, you attach the second cband lnb for HDSport24 below that of sony .
check the pix below

with this description you should get a clear picture of what is involved in the trick. You should get a rod that you can use to hold the other lnb or you can tie it there.

I recommend you first tracking Sony then you attach Sport24 east just below the cband lnb of Sony. And with the above you now have both satellites on just one dish and you enjoy your premiership, laliga, Fa cup, Champions league, Europa cup, Crickets, Wrestling and many more. Also don’t forget you will need a Diseq switch to connect both lnb’s to your decoder.

Watching theses channels…

There are host of channels on both satellites both they are Powervu Channels, if you don’t know what that means read this……. You need compatible decoders to decrypt them, either an auto roll or a manually inputed kind of decoders like strong.

To get the list of channels on sony entertainment click this link

To get the list of channels on nss12 @57east click this link

On Sony Entertainment tv we still got some other interesting Powervu channels on this tps
3974 H 19500 : HBO for movies and CNN for news 
3974 V 19850 : Discoveries channels

To Get the Powervu keys you should Visit this page here or you like my Facebook Page to get the updated keys as soon as it is changed.
Olise Omodi
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