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Did you fry your strong Decoder? learn how to revive a dead strong decoder on your own.................

This tutorial is basically for those using Strong decoders.. if you mistakenly fried your decoder maybe during the course of loading a new software which is common...
this is not an hardware solutiuon if you have an hardware problem like No signal, no picture  No power, No sounds etc this cant solve the its all about firmware correction...whch might be due to you loading a wrong software, or virus infected patch or power falure doing upgrade....

This tutorial will be in two face: You can wake up a dead decoder through any of these two

1. Decoder to decoder transfer
2. pc to decoder transfer

Now let us start with decoder to decoder transfer
This is one of the easiest to do.... when you have a dead strong decoder you can bring it back to life by transferring firmware from another decoder to the dead one...

things you need to get this done.
1. rs232 cable( we have the serial to serial and the usb to serial)
rs232 cable

rs232 cable

2. Similar model of decoder as the dead one

data transfer

How to Restore the decoder through decoder to decoder transfer
1. make sure you get the exact model of your decoder
2.  Power On both decoders, the dead one and the working one.... the dead one will on but will refuse to boot.
3. connect the rs232 cable from the working decoder to the dead decoder
in the case of using the usb to serial rs232 cable connect the serial part to the working decoder and the usb part to the dead decoder
4. goto menu on the working decoder, goto system settings as the case may be, locate data transfer, open it and select firmware transfer and select OK for it to transfer life to the dead decoder

5. Allow to transfer, if successful the decoder will reboot and your dead decoder will be up and running again.

Pc to decoder transfer.
Firstly you should downoad this tool to your pc.. STB_TOOLS download that app to your pc
Download here and install

you must make sure your pc has the serial port for rs232 or the usb to serial would also work
Now you should download the latest patch for your decoder to your pc. after all that
1. power on your decoder
2. connect the rs232 cable from your pc to your decoder
3. open the STB-TOOLs you installed

4. select auto detect to detect the com port for your decoder, note: your decoder must be on for it to detect it.

5. click on browse and select the patch for the decoder that you downloaded to your pc locate where you downloaded it and select. note: it must be in .stb format

6. there after you should click on connect and wait for it to transfer

7. after successful transfer your decoder will reboot and your decoder will be alive.

You can do so many things with your stb tools, like backing up and updating your channel list and backing up your firmware. Hope this helps you out.
Olise Omodi
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